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There is little that can go wrong with a house that causes more stress and anxiety for the owner than a defective, damaged or deteriorating roof structure. A roof generally makes up about a third of the exterior of a building, and any defects or damage can seriously compromise the integrity of the rest of the structure.

Here at Chris Pang Roofing we understand the importance of having a water-tight, strong and dependable roof over your head, which is why we don’t cut corners and use only the best roofing products and the latest methods to repair, replace and renovate roofs, or install a new roof from scratch. When we build a roof, we build it to last, and when we repair a roof, we strip it back to the source of the problem and make sure it is not only corrected but will not occur again. If necessary we will advise roof replacement rather than renovation and repair if the problem is serious and likely to deteriorate further, becoming a financial drain.

Chris is a highly trained and experienced roofer who carries out his work professionally, efficiently, on time, and on budget. He keeps abreast of the latest roofing techniques and methods and uses only quality materials. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to him so he ensures that he takes on only one project at a time, focusing on it from start to finish. Chris’ commitment to excellent workmanship and customer service is reflected in the fact that more than 80% of his work comes via recommendations from happy clients who have commissioned roofing in Bristol and the Weston-Super-Mare area.

pitched roofs

The most common type of roof that Chris installs or repairs is the traditional pitched roof, covered with precision-engineered coloured clay or concrete roof tiles, or alternatively slate. This tried and trusted design that has endured for centuries has many practical advantages and a longer lifespan than a flat roof.

A pitched roof promotes water run-off, and if well-built and well maintained will be extremely durable and weather-resistant for decades.

Flat Roofs

All sorts of structures have flat roofing, including home extensions and garages, and they are notorious for being at high risk of leak problems, usually because of standing water collecting on the roof surface and seeping through to the timber frame and joints beneath.

Chris is a specialist in fault-finding and ensuring flat roofs stay watertight, being experienced not only in constructing a high quality insulated frame and flat roof deck, but also in expertly applying the latest waterproof flat roofing systems including GRP (fibreglass), EPDM and PVC based systems, as well as cold-applied liquid Bitumen coverings.

Lead Work

Most roofs today have some form of lead flashing, and if it becomes damaged, deteriorates with age or is not correctly installed this could result in an ingress of moisture, or even serious leaks. When it comes to roofing, lead remains the most economical and practical type of flashing because it is more durable than man-made products, is recyclable and carbon friendly.

Chris has expert knowledge of lead roofing, ensuring the correct code of lead is used and that it is correctly installed using rubber expansion joints to maximise its life span.

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